Our Design Process

Stage 1 - Contact & Consultation

Get in touch! We would love to hear from you and more about your project. Feel free to contact us via the contact section on our website or if you'd prefer, give us a call on 014851176.

From here, we can schedule a studio consultation at a time that is convenient for you, where we can talk through your hopes and expectations for your project in detail and our designers can talk you through the finishes and cabinetry options available.

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Stage 2 - Design & Develop

Designs and layouts based on your consultation meeting will start to come to life and at this stage visuals will be developed for you to see. Our process is a collaborative one and we encourage you to explore different ideas that can work in your space.

Our designers are always endeavouring to push the boundaries of the industry with innovative and exciting designs and ideas.

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Stage 3 - Approval & Sign Off

Following the design process and approval of the costs, we now move to the sign-off stage. At this juncture all materials and finishes will be discussed in detail to ensure all avenues have been explored.

Every project is unique to us and as so, we strive for each design to have its own identity and provide our clients with their own completely unique kitchen.

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Stage 4 - Final Measure & Production

Once your project has been signed off in the studio, your file will be passed to our dedicated project manager. From here, we will undertake a final measure of the space and discuss any design amendments that may be required from a dimensional perspective.

Your project will now reach the production stage and your project manager will confirm dates for installation.

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Stage 5 - Delivery & Installation

Our talented team of skilled installers have many years experience working in both commercial and residential properties. You can rest assured knowing that our team will take care of your home whilst working inside it.

Your project manager will remain on hand during the entire process to ensure a smooth process and a perfectly installed project every time.

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